What an amazing journey so far.   It is coming up to my one year anniversary of taking my health back whilst using this amazing program. 

I can honestly say – I never thought I would be where I am 12 months ago.   I am proud of my dedication, no give up attitude and will to succeed. 

The girl on the left was tired all the time, ate way to much chocolate, drank softdrink every day, had joint problems, my back ached.  I went through phases and I would loose a few kilos here and there but nothing sustainable.

When I decided to invest in my health.    I ordered my pak and it arrived.   I didn’t tell anyone – I know my hubby was skeptical and thought ohhhh what is she doing another fad.   

I am pleased to say it’s not a fad and I put my faith in the system and followed it to see just what would happen in that first 30 days.   

By day five  I was 

  • sleeping better,
  • had a new found energy
  • waking up before my alarm 

it was crazy.

My day 30 results blew me away – I had lost kilos of viscral fat and felt amazing. 

So I continued with my nutritional cleansing program and have been enjoying the losses and the gains. 

Gains you ask … yes there have been many

  • I now love to excercise
  • I want to do more outdoor activities 
  • I feel amazing
  • My skin has a glow to it
  • My body is shrinking before my eyes
  • My mindset and focus has improved out of site
  • I have meet some amazing people
  • Support and team are amazing

So if you are ready to get your health back – Don’t wait make yourself a priority and give it a 100% effort and you will be rewarded and have amazing coaching and mentoring as the team just rocks.

The photo on the left was me on day 1 and the photo on the right is me this week.

Happy 1 Year of Health and Wellness

Have a wonderful Day and never give up.