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Mixed Emotions

As I sit in the bath this morning taking time out to reflect on so many things. 

I am saying farewell to my Great Aunty today who has been a big part of my life – I know you will love seeing everyone there to celebrate your life today.   Forever in my Heart 💜💜💜

So blessed for my wonderful Husband and beautiful Children – they inspire me every day.

Peek a boo – thats my cool nan photo bombing love it.

So proud of my boys – my eldest certainly has thrown me challenges I am thankful for the guidence of family and friends and happy that he is doing what he wants in life and has a strong work ethic.

My middle boy has recently secured his first job and is so excited very proud mum.   As he goes into year 11 next year he has gotten all the subjects he wanted – he is talking of becoming a school teacher.   I believe you can do anything you want and if you want it bad enough you will do it.

Then there is my youngest boy – he recently changed high schools and has settled in so well.  Keep being the beautiful kind soul that you are it will get you a long way in life.

Then to my main man, my best friend, husband and rock – you inspire me every day to be the best person I can be.    I am so glad all those years ago you found me “online”.   You took that leap of faith, moved from Canada and 18 years ago on the 8th of October we met for the first time when you got off the plane.   Thank you xxxx

How my life has changed so much over the last 12 months.    I said YES and got my health back on track.   In doing that I have removed over 28kilos of viscral fat, am now energised, feel amazing and am happy in myself for being dedicated and never giving up.

To my nan – I know today will be hard.    You are not only saying goodbye to your sister, she was your best friend and such a big part of your life.   It’s her time to be with her husband again and all her brothers and sisters who have passed before her.   You are surrounded nan by so many who love you.   We will be with you every step of the way.

I am blessed and thankful everyday for the challenges and joy that comes into my life.    It makes me stronger and I know everything happens for a reason.   Our paths cross for a reason.

My bath was so therapeutic this morning.  Have a wonderful day!!! ☄☄☄

Tremayne xxx

Serious Question!!!

If 3-5 days from now a box 📦 full of the best nutrition on the planet arrived at your doorstep with… 

📝 Instructions how to use it 

👥 A support team of thousands of people

📲 Facebook groups and challenges

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👍 A 30 day money back Guarantee

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🚫 No Risk

Would you try it?


☄☄☄☄Self Brag Post☄☄☄☄☄

So dam excited …. I have gone from a size 18-20 .. to .. Drum Roll .. a size 13 jeans👖👖 … and I bought a size 11 for motivation watch this space!!!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

What an amazing journey so far.   It is coming up to my one year anniversary of taking my health back whilst using this amazing program. 

I can honestly say – I never thought I would be where I am 12 months ago.   I am proud of my dedication, no give up attitude and will to succeed. 

The girl on the left was tired all the time, ate way to much chocolate, drank softdrink every day, had joint problems, my back ached.  I went through phases and I would loose a few kilos here and there but nothing sustainable.

When I decided to invest in my health.    I ordered my pak and it arrived.   I didn’t tell anyone – I know my hubby was skeptical and thought ohhhh what is she doing another fad.   

I am pleased to say it’s not a fad and I put my faith in the system and followed it to see just what would happen in that first 30 days.   

By day five  I was 

  • sleeping better,
  • had a new found energy
  • waking up before my alarm 

it was crazy.

My day 30 results blew me away – I had lost kilos of viscral fat and felt amazing. 

So I continued with my nutritional cleansing program and have been enjoying the losses and the gains. 

Gains you ask … yes there have been many

  • I now love to excercise
  • I want to do more outdoor activities 
  • I feel amazing
  • My skin has a glow to it
  • My body is shrinking before my eyes
  • My mindset and focus has improved out of site
  • I have meet some amazing people
  • Support and team are amazing

So if you are ready to get your health back – Don’t wait make yourself a priority and give it a 100% effort and you will be rewarded and have amazing coaching and mentoring as the team just rocks.

The photo on the left was me on day 1 and the photo on the right is me this week.

Happy 1 Year of Health and Wellness

Have a wonderful Day and never give up.

All in Good Time

I found this post on one of our support pages for the program that I am using and it really resonated with me so I thought I would share it here for you all to read and get some inspiration.

Mary – your amazing and thanks for sharing….

“Ok, I have an observation to make. (I’ll get to the pic later!) I am so impressed and awed by the remarkable results that so many people post on this page!

The determination and hard work is inspiring to everyone!

And when you read through the remarks it always seems that someone asks ” How long did it take you?” Every single one of us is unique and will take us different lengths of time to reach our goals.

As an over 60 gal I know it will take me longer but the important thing is to keep going and reach your goal!! What takes someone 6 months might take you 10 mary toesmonths , but you know what, it doesn’t matter!! What matters to me is that if it takes me a year or more to reach my goal, so be it, because I know I won’t be like I was when I started, very overweight, unhealthy and not very happy! I’m not that far in and the weight I’ve already let go of has made a tremendous difference in how I feel and look!

So, back to the pic! NSV! For those who have had a bigger belly know how hard it is to paint your toes, that belly gets in the way! Well, I can now do that easily!!

Stay strong everybody, you will reach your goals, no matter how long it takes!!”
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Yesterday I toddled off to meet with a Dietician and have a Body Scan.   I only wish I had done it when I started on my get healthy program.   As you can see,  I have a long way to go – but on the other hand I have come so far in the last 11 months.   

I am pretty excited as they are preparing a meal plan incorporating my nutritional cleansing program and in another month I will be back checking in and having another scan done.  

Having lost over 25 kilos I am beyond happy with my own journey to date.

T x
#rejuvinateyourlife #results #itsmytime #justdoit #thankful #jumponboard 

My Journey So Far …

A little bit about me, when I was younger I was very athletic, lanky and never had a problem with my weight.    Once I stopped playing sports and riding horses, the weight slowly crept on.

With 3 children, came extra kilos and I had tried many different ways to loose the kilos, I joined Weight Watchers – that was really successful for about 10 weeks (until Christmas hit) and I could never keep the weight off for good.

I tried that many different diets, but nothing really seemed to be working.  I joined the gym in December 2014, went a few times, started to really watch what I ate, but the kilo’s did not budge.   I wasn’t perfect and my mindset was so not right.

In July 2015 I saw a friends photo on Facebook and she was positively Glowing.   I immediately sent her a private message and asked her – what are you doing? – she replied Nutritional Cleansing, so I asked her some more about it.    She put me in-touch with a lovely lady and a Facebook group where transformations and information was coming through thick and fast.   I sat and watched it for just over a month, when I said I am going to try this.

So with that being said I started on my nutritional cleansing program.   I didn’t really know a lot about it, I just followed the process, put faith into what I was told to do and just did it. I lost a considerable amount of weight in the first 30 days (and I wasn’t 100% perfect), but what surprised me more was the fact that my energy was through the roof, I was sleeping so much sounder and I just felt great.

So where am I now;

  • I have given back to the universe over 28 kilos of visceral fat
  • I recently started going to the gym and I even have a PT session on a Monday, as I sit at my desk all day at work and hardly exercise.
  • Have Energy to Burn
  • Sleep has improved out of site
  • My Skin is Glowing (so people keep telling me)

To have this gift is amazing and I am happy to share this with as many people who are ready for this journey.

I am so thankful every single day that I said YES.

I will never ever go back to be the person that I was, its constantly moving forward and better my health and wellness so that I can be the best role model for my family and friends.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!

T xxx



Fabulous Friday

//T R A N S F O R M A T I O N// (I don’t care what day of the week it is)….

Incredible inspiration from Erica!!!

THIS NUTRITION ROCKS! I’m literally in SHOCK! I entered this 90 day challenge to get “more fit.” I hired an AMAZING personal trainer who had been so therapeutic for me (on the inside and outside). Today Jeff my husband took this picture of me unplanned, not scripted, just me being me….holy crap….are those arms connected to my body? I’m not going to lie, I’m proud of me. This is true balance!! I’ve started working out but I still eat cheeseburgers, drink wine and have pizza 2 times a week but I follow the system and balance things. Thank you for introducing me to my answer. I don’t meal plan or prep….I live life people. I don’t post this to impress you, I post this because I impressed myself which has NEVER happened! Peace out ..Coscto hotdogs for dinner!!

Well done Erica go enjoy!!

Adam is Rocking this …


Check out Adam and his awesome transformation from the inside out..

Instead of worrying about all the reasons why something won’t work, think about all the reasons it WILL work… Then go for it.

Fellow start 1000 member Adam didn’t listen to skeptics who have not tried the goods, he then entered the 16 week Body Challenge and has the results to show it.

Well done Adam 🙂


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